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About Me


My interest in photography started at a very young age, and has grown into a passion since the birth of my first child. With professional training, the arrival of my two other children, and my desire to continually grow and improve as a photographer, I have turned that passion into a successful, photography business.  My photographic style is natural and candid.  I want my clients to enjoy themselves, and most of all, be relaxed and have fun. 

I love my job! I cannot think of a better way to spend my working time. I am truly grateful to the way things have fallen into place to get me here today. Photography is a lot of hard work, but the rewards are like none other. I am able to create images for my clients that they will treasure for a lifetime. It is wonderful to meet so many amazing people and to develop such lifelong relationships as their lives transition. I look forward to working with you and capturing images that tell the story of your life and your loved ones.


In a nut shell, I love to create and I love to help people.  I have a Business degree with a Major in Marketing from the University of Calgary and a whole shwack of experience!   My focus is brand development and marketing for small start up businesses.  Getting started can be overwhelming.  I can break things down into manageable pieces and help you figure out how you want your clients to see you and develop a successful marketing strategy.  I am a firm believer that everything can be figured out, no task is too big or too small! Together we can make your dreams come true.   Contact me and let's discuss.  

Supporting my community

I was born and raised in a small town by immigrant parents, I know the importance of community and the need to feel supported.   I have a skill set that I want to share if it can help others.  If you or you know of someone that is less fortunate in our Calgary community that may need a little help in the areas of my service, please contact me.   I love new opportunities and I firmly believe that we all have a responsibility in this world to share our gifts and support one another.

"Ultimately, the measure of our lives is not determined by what we achieve for ourselves; it's determined by what we share, give, and contribute to others."  - Marie Forleo

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